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Affiliate Lenders Program

Obsidian Financial Services Affiliate Program is designed for businesses that have interactions with potential home owners, investors or borrowers who are exploring Mortgage Loan Options and may benefit from a loan originated with OFS.

The Program allows the Affiliate to work side by side with the Loan Officer in order to assist their mutual client in achieving their goals of home ownership, refinance, or investment in a property.

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How It Works

To become a Obsidian Financial Services Affiliate, Your company must operate in a state that Obsidian is licensed in. In addition to that, you must have in-depth knowledge of mortgage lending, specifically, correspondent lending. We expect high productivity from our affiliates, generating leads on a consistent basis. While the affiliate does not have to assist the loan officer, the goal of the affiliate is to foster a relationship with the borrower and Obsidian, so that there is a mutual benefit to all parties involved. 

Affiliates must operate at the highest standard of integrity, and always work to keep both the borrowers and Obsidians best interests at the forefront of every loan transaction. Borrowers must be advised that while Obsidian is being referred, the borrower is encouraged to seek out other lenders to get the best rate and loan possible. If the borrower decides to work with Obsidian, the affiliate has the responsibility of insuring that if they decide to assist the loan officer, that communications between all parties is solely for the benefit of completing the loan to the satisfaction of the borrower. 

Affiliate Compensation 

Affiliates have two ways of being compensated, either as a Loan Ambassador or a Referral Partner.

Both roles offer superior compensation based on the participation of the Affiliate in the Loan Process. Whether you participate or not, you get paid! 

You  can request a brochure or request a call by completing the form on the right. 

Simple Fee Structure

Pay a flat fee of $2,500/month and close as many loans as possible in a month.

Efficient Financial Setup: We arrange a dedicated checking account for all your earnings, including overrides and bonuses. Set your lender comp on every deal.

Direct Fund Reception: Receive funds directly to your business account via wire or checks from title companies.

Flexible Compensation Plans: Pay your loan officers at your convenience, setting up a compensation plan that suits your preferences. For example, set up your loan officers at 250 basis points (BPS) and lock loans on the mini-corr channel at 350 BPS, allowing you to retain 100 BPS.

No P&L Constraints: Enjoy the freedom to use your funds as you see fit, without unnecessary P&L restrictions.

Customized Margins and Locks: Utilize your own LoanSifter to set up margins and locks according to your specific needs.

Advanced LOS Software (LendingPad): Leverage state-of-the-art software to control what your loan officers can and cannot see.

Extensive Lender Network: Work with over 100 lenders, choosing between broker/Mini-Corr/non-del (RAW PRICING) options to ensure a suitable place for closing your loans. In cases where that doesn’t work, utilize the Delegated channel with an impressive 98% closing ratio.

Job Benefits: No Benefits Provided – Contract Only

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