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A Premier Mortgage Loan Provider with over 25 years experience processing, underwriting and closing in house in as few as 10 Days.

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At Obsidian Financial Services, we’re always seeking the best Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) professionals to join our growing nationwide team of premier loan originators. Our industry-leading financial services team is supplied with superior technology, processing, and underwriting that empower our teams to help ensure client success. We like to form and maintain long-term partnerships with our homeowner & investment clients so that we can help them with their financial products that meet their loan needs

Obsidian Mortgage Loan Officer Careers
Earning Potential for Mortgage Loan Officers

Earning Potential

Are you over the fact that you cannot close a loan in 10 days? Are you working for a broker that just does not come through, or a lender who would not give you the ability to broker?

Obsidian Financial Services provides you:

Be Proficient

Our highly proficient team offers some of the best guidance, advice, and answers regarding the mortgage industry, loan types, and homeowning information.

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Grow With Us

We want highly motivated and caring individuals who strive to achieve ambitious goals, both personally and professionally. We like to see our MLOs grow alongside us, and we love to reward talent!

Maximize Sales as an Obsidian Mortgage Loan Officer

Maximize Your Sales
& Close More Loans

Get access to state-of-the-art technology, leading underwriting processes, and a large pool of flexible buying power to maximize your sales and close loans.

Be Supported

Obsidian fosters a close working environment between MLOs and encourages a supportive network of professionalism and expertise.

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Be Rewarded

As one of the best, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work. We value the premier service our originators give clients and ensure they are justly compensated.

Why the Obsidian Loan Officer Team?

Obsidian is a fully delegated lender licensed in 32 states, and we’re looking for Mortgage Loan Officers/Originators who are ready to make a difference in their communities while earning the maximum compensation.

We are a lending institution committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in our workforce. Our organization is dedicated to hiring, training, and supporting Mortgage Loan Officers from all backgrounds, including those with disabilities and veterans. We provide comprehensive training programs that enable individuals to pursue rewarding careers within the mortgage industry.

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What to Expect as an Obsidian MLO

As a provider of some of the most premier services in the industry, we rely on our Mortgage Loan Officers (MLO’s) to uphold our mission, values, and vision. Our utmost priority is to ensure a healthy, long-lasting and caring client partnership. To that end, we expect those exploring jobs with Obsidian Financial Services to understand our corporate vision and culture to the fullest extent, and be able to provide expert insight, advice, and guidance when clients are pursuing their loan. Premier is a word that is earned, and we want individuals who strive for excellence and integrity in their career.