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    Steps to Homeownership

    Let our professional team of experienced loan officers guide you through the steps of achieving your home-owning dreams. We can help you get pre-approved to speed up the application process, identify your budget capabilities, and find the best loan program for your situation.

    Step 1

    When you prequalify, you immediately achieve negotiating power. You know what you can spend up front, and there’s no guesswork on whether you will qualify for your dream home. Prequalification is a quick and easy and very rewarding process that involves looking at your credit, your assets and your income.

    Step 2
    Make an Offer

    Once you are prequalified, you can make your offer with confidence. Your agent will help you write it up.

    Step 3

    Now you complete the full application. This involves collecting documents to share with your Loan Officer, either electronically or in person. This includes employment W-2 forms, Tax Returns, and Bank Statements.

    Step 4
    Lock Your Rate

    Once your offer is accepted by the seller, you want to lock in your interest rate to make sure it doesn’t go up during the time it takes to process your loan. Once the rate is locked it will stay the same no matter what for a specific period of time.

    Step 5

    Next, while the underwriters are underwriting your loan, you can order your appraisal, start your home inspection on your new home, and start getting ready to move!

    Step 6
    You are now one step away from home ownership

    Closing is where you pay your final closing costs, Sign your documents, and grab the keys to your new home! Best of all, Obsidian will be there, every step of this exciting journey.

    What Kind of Home Loan Is Right for Me?

    At Obsidian Financial Services, our dedicated team of loan officers provides potential homeowners all types of mortgage loans ideal for a number of situations. Starting building towards your dream home today!

    VA Loan

    VA loan lenders guaranteeing veterans and service persons home loans with more favorable terms. Usually no down payment or required PMI (private mortgage insurance).

    Conventional Loan

    Find conventional home loans with fair fixed rates and favorable terms that are not guaranteed or insured by any government agency.

    First-Time Homebuyer  Loan

    Great options for first time home purchasers, including FHA loans with down payments as low as 3.5% for buyers with evidence of satisfactory credit and sufficient income.

    Jumbo Loan

    A non-conforming loan that helps qualify borrowers for higher-priced homes without being required to provide a substantial down payment to stay within a conforming loan limit.

    Other Loan Options

    Find all kinds of conforming loan programs, non-conforming loans, home equity conversion mortgages, and refinancing options.

    Adjustable-Rate  Mortgage (ARM) Loan

    An adjustable-rate mortgage is great for building up early equity during the fixed period of the loan, plus interests have a chance at falling afterward.

    Let’s Get Started!

    Obtaining the right financing for your home starts with Obsidian’s dedicated team of loan originators. We’re interested in building long-term partnerships with our clients by providing the ideal loan programs and the expertise necessary to achieve your future home. We offer an array of different types of mortgage loans that can fit a number of financial situations. Our team can get you pre-approved, put you in contact with a real estate agent, find the best possible loan, and finish out any applications. Buying your home is an enormous investment and an important step in your life, let Obsidian support you through this process!