If you are looking for a new home on the Space Coast of Melbourne, Florida, you can look forward to warm weather, cool waves, and beauty all around. The people are great, and the atmosphere is perfect whether you are looking to relax or find adventure.

However, hurricanes are a factor no matter where you are if you live in a coastal region. This is why you should always have safety in mind when you are looking to buy a new home. Regardless of whether you are looking for a beautiful summer home as the perfect escape during cold winter months or if you are looking to become a new permanent resident of the Space Coast, keeping hurricane safety at the forefront of your buyer’s checklist is always a smart thing to do.

Here are 5 Hurricane Safety Tips for Home Buyers in Melbourne, FL

1. The Age of the Home

When looking for a new home along the Space Coast, it’s always a good idea to purchase a home that was built after 1994. This is because more stringent building codes were put into effect that year that saw hurricane protection measures put into place for new homes.

2. Flood Zone

Watch out for homes in areas prone to flooding. In cases where you found a home you love but are wary of flooding, check with your homeowner’s insurance policy about flood coverage. Remember, homeowner’s insurance may cover damage from wind, but in most cases, flood coverage is separate.

3. Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters and storm windows are imperative when looking for a home in any area where hurricanes are possible. Hurricane shutters are your window’s first line of defense, protecting them from wind and debris, and more importantly, protecting you and your family from flying glass.

4. The Roof

The roof style and age are very important when it comes to withstanding pummeling rains and wind. But, another area often overlooked, is where the roof meets the attic. When you enter the attic, if you do not see metal straps or metal clips securing the roof to the interior walls and struts in the attic, you may want to have them installed.

5. Secured Entry Points

Look for areas such as garage and home doors and other points of entry into the home. Make sure they are impact-rated or equipped with hurricane safety devices. Again, if these areas are not, you may want to have them installed right away. Having entry points secured may also lower your home insurance rate.

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